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No, you don’t need any experience. On board we give you all the explanation you need. We are always present as a professional crew.

Depending on the wind, tide and destination, sailing time is variable. Usually this is about 5 hours a day.

If you book the ship as a private group, we always discuss the sailing schedule and try to accommodate your wishes in terms of sailing time.

No, you can always stay below deck if you want.

We do need a number of people on deck to keep watch with us so that we can operate the sails and sail the ship .

In principle, we sail during the day when it is light. In the afternoon we moor in a harbour. Or do we anchor at sea.

Seasickness is an exception on flat-bottomed ships such as the Rode Swan that fortunately affects very few people.

The ship is very stable due to the large width. The Wadden Sea is also a relatively calm water with few waves.

If you are very sensitive to motion sickness, you can take pills at the drugstore as a precaution.

Travel information

In the summer season, the Rode Swan is located on the quay next to the KNRM, Dokkade 5, Harlingen.

In the winter, the Rode Swan is located next to AH Harlingen, Zuiderhaven at No. 6, Harlingen.

By public transport: Arriva slow train 2x per hour from Leeuwaarden. Harlingen Haven Station is a 2-minute walk away.

There is paid parking everywhere. Rates from € 7 per day. The easiest option is the special Bruine Vloot car park, Westerzeedijk 7, Harlingen. See www.parkereninharlingen.nl for all information.  


During our sailing trips, each bed is made up with a pillow and duvet. There is one set of towels per person.

If you rent the entire ship as a private group, the beds are made with fitted sheets and pillows. Duvets and towels can be booked separately

All the basic things that you also have in a kitchen at home are present. There are pans, crockery, a kettle, (hand) blender and all the basics such as pepper, salt, vinegar and oil.

There are also kitchen towels, cleaning cloths and cleaning products.

The double cabin is approximately 4 square meters. There is a sink next to the bunk bed. All cabins have a porthole.

Yes, each cabin can be locked with a key that you can take with you.

The cabins are intended for sleeping. Given the high deck, especially the top bunk has space to sit on.

There are 3 separate toilets and 3 showers in the ship, close to the cabins.

Before departure

It is always colder on the water than on land, so bring an extra layer. Be prepared for different weather types.

A wind and waterproof jacket and trousers can be useful, especially in the early and late season.

Shoes with rubber soles that can take a beating, such as sneakers or hiking boots.

The space on board is limited. A foldable bag that can go under the bed is the most convenient. There is no room for suitcases on board.

Safety on board

The Rode Swan complies with a large number of inspections and periodic checks. Depending on the inspection, these are performed every year (e.g. life jackets), every two years (e.g. mast and rig) or every five years (e.g major inspection of the hull out of the water).

There is an approved first aid box and an AED on board. The crew is trained in basic safety.

Yes, there is a life jacket for every person on board.

There are a limited number of life jackets for children. Please contact us before your stay if children are coming. If necessary we can bring extra vests on board.

Would you like to walk around?

Why the Rode Swan ?


    Real sailing without engine, good sailing characteristics​


    Experienced, certified crew


    Well maintained ship

  • SAFE

    High railing, wide gangway, automatic life jackets


    Neat and spacious ship with a lot of headroom everywhere

  • COZY

    Ship's library, board games, guitar


    Seating area on deck, Fatboys, hammocks


    Seating area on deck, Fatboys, hammocks

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